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Boston Style Custom Handmade Leather Fire Helmet Shield Front


Boston Style Custom Leather Shield Front-
Fully Involved Leatherworks Handmade Leather Fire Helmet Shield Fronts are made with strong and durable leather that still has a supple feel. Our products are made to last, and will ride with you through many years; if not your entire firefighter career. Our Leather Fronts are handmade from 13+ oz. saddle grade American Leather, well above industry standard.

Product Description-
Our hand carved design can be customized to your liking. Our shields are 6 1/2" tall, which will fit on any traditional style helmet including composite and leather helmets. They are wide enough to fit on the Phoenix TL-2 as well.

Our designs are carved, tooled, hand painted, and sewn with real stitching, and then sealed with a water resistant clear finish for a professional look and durability. Proofs will not be sent after ordering.