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Flashover Graphics Custom Image Leather Fire Helmet Shield


I understand these are custom hand made products and lead times may vary from 3-4 weeks depending on the workload. Expedited Shipping is only for the shipping method and does not expedite the manufacturing time of the product. Once the product is under construction, you will be notified by email, and then once it ships, you will receive tracking information. All custom products have a 4 week guarantee, which guarantees your product will be shipped out within 4 weeks. We are not responsible for carrier delivery times.

Flashover Graphics Custom Leather Fire Helmet Shield-
Fully Involved Leatherworks Handmade Leather Fire Helmet Shield Fronts are made with strong and durable leather that still has a supple feel. Our products are made to last, and will ride with you through many years; if not your entire firefighter career. Our Leather Fronts are handmade from 13+ oz. saddle grade American Leather, well above industry standard.

Product Description-
Our computer digital design can be customized to your liking and applied to our top quality leather with Flashover Graphics process for a lifetime of durability. Our shields are 6 1/2" tall, which will fit on any traditional style helmet including composite and leather helmets. They are wide enough to fit on the Phoenix TL-2 as well.

Proofs will not be sent after ordering.